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Boldenone is synthesized as a derivative of traditional testosterone and has its unique ability to offer an increase in anabolic strength and lean muscle gain while at the same time restricting the amount of androgenic effects produced by short and long-term use of this steroid.

Like any other steroid in the market today, you’re going to have to contend with the potential for side effects to pop up when you begin supplementing with Boldenone, like an increase in your regular blood pressure levels, increased instances of water retention, fat retention and Increased weight gain. Chances are, you might also run into side effects that include oily skin, increased acne production, irregular body and facial hair growth, as well as the potential for male pattern baldness – if your genetics are predisposed to this condition the first place.

Boldenone has much lower androgenic properties and much lower estrogenic activity than “pure testosterone” and more traditional anabolic steroids. 

Increase your dosage of Boldenone and you increase the amount of testosterone that will be converted into estrogen, and will expose you to higher levels of side effects – but these side effects will be significantly limited compared to what they may have been with “raw” testosterone and other anabolic steroids.

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