PCT Guide

PCT Guides

If you are trying to gain those eye-popping physiques and working with performance-enhancing drugs then you surely want to know about PCT. You will get all the required information in this PCT guide. 

Read everything about the proper use of steroids and PCT to stay safe and fit. 

What is PCT? 

PCT is an abbreviation of Post Cycle Therapy which is used to combine nutritions, supplements, and other different compounds to manage the exogenous testosterone. Exogenous Testosterone is a synthetic hormone that is also called steroids. 

Most people use steroids in cycles to allow natural hormone production. Every bodybuilder’s natural testosterone is suppressed by artificial testosterone during a steroid cycle. After that he wishes to increase natural testosterone production but when the cycle stops it imbalances the flow of hormones in the body. To stay safe from the side effects, it is always recommended to use post cycle therapy. It is a clinically proven process to increase testosterone production normally by reducing unwanted side effects. 

It is always important to use post cycle therapy after a steroid cycle to get back the natural testosterone level. In this process, a combination of medicines is used to get the hormonal balance. These medicines help to reduce the estrogen level and help to reach a natural level of endogenous testosterone. 

When should you start Post Cycle Therapy? 

If you are using any artificial drugs that suppress your natural hormonal capacity, it is recommended to start post cycle therapy as soon as after completing your drug cycle. If you are taking SARMs or prohormones then we would suggest you to start PCT just after you stop taking them. It would be best to start your PCT after consulting any healthcare professional so that he can give you accurate treatments and track your overall progress. 

What drugs are used for PCT? 

The PCT process is different for different people and depends on various circumstances. In some cases, there are over-the-counter products such as testosterone boosters or blockers but these are not suitable for users who are taking steroids. You can use the below Post Cycle Therapy medication which are mostly used and are effective also. 

  • Clomiphene
  • Tamoxifen

These medications are also known as Rebirth PCTs. It is generally used for light cycles and provides rapid recovery. Generally, it is recommended to continue the PCT protocol for 4 to 6 weeks for better results. This is much easier than said, just take some pills and you are all fit. These compounds are available only on prescription. Make sure to discuss all these things with your doctor before taking PCT for better results. 

Other considerations that you should take with PCT

Have patience and be gentle with yourself. You may face certain side effects but these are normal during post cycle therapy. As your body is facing changes so it is natural it takes time to heal to return back to normal cycle or hormonal production. Make sure to take a proper diet as described by your physician.